Error 5B00 - Ink Absorber is Full

Before you use the canon resetter, enter your printer into service mode first.

Service mode is printer mode which used to access various service actions of Canon printer such as EEPROM data printing, clear waste ink absorber counter, etc. the method in order to access service mode  is using button pressing combination.

sample for canon IP4760 - to enter service mode

  1. Start with printer off
  2. Press and hold resume Button  and click “Power” button.
  3. hold the Power button, release Resume Button.
  4. Without releasing the Power Button, double click “Resume” button and then release Both Buttons.
  5. the printer now is in service mode.
  6. You can now use the resetter .
  8. Confirm detected usb-port numbers on usb port column..
  9. Click the MAIN ink counter reset button, make sure there is paper in the paper feed, because the printer will print after the process is complete.
  10. Click platern ink counter reset button, the printer will print again..
  11. Turn off the printer.
  12. Your printer is ready for use again.
for other models of canon printer, entering the service mode is different. just change the step 4. for the canon ip 4870 the step would be like this, step
  4. Without releasing the power button, click 5 times the "resume" button and then release both buttons.
then continue to step 5 , etc....


                    CANON IP2770

                    CANON IP3680

                    CANON IP4680

                    CANON IP4760
                    CANON IP4870

                    Service Tool v1074

                    Service Tool v2000

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